Chance joined the SAMB on December 16, 2015 after months of having no idea what in the name of fluffeh it was and randomly clicking on it and being like, "WAIT I CLICKED THE WRONG THING WHERE AM I??????? I AM LOST I NEED HELP SOMEONE HELP ME MOMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!" So yeah, preeeeeetty smart.

I'mma do this like an RP form cuz why not xD

Me! Edit

Name: Chance

Age: 13

SAMB age: 2

Gender: Female

Hair color: Dark brown, in the winter it gets red and black streaks, in the summer it gets blond streaks.

Eye color: Hazel, but they are in the process of turning light blue (Don't ask, I don't get it either)

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 93 lbs

Personality: Outgoing, awkward, loyal, honest, pretty brave, nostalgic, pessimistic etc. (I'm too lazy to write right now)

Blah blah blah some other stuff blah blah blah

Flipsides Edit

Anya Valor

Anya Valor Edit

Anya Valor is the friendly one flipside. She is outgoing and optimistic. She's extremely protective, so much so that she will lie to protect the feelings of others. She usually tends to care about the way that she looks, and tries to impress others and be liked. She's desperate for a shipmate. She is 13 years old, and the youngest of the gang. Her birthday is December 30th.
Leya Sequoia
Val Shepperd





Leya Sequoia Edit

Lena Sequoia is extremely loyal. As the adventurer of the group, she is easygoing and down-to-Earth. She cares more about her friends and family than impressing others. As the mother of the group, she almost always finds herself in a position where she must stop Val from getting into trouble. The oldest of the group, she is nearly 14, her birthday is on September 2nd.





Val Shepperd Edit

Val Shepherd is the troublemaker. Constantly finding herself in places where she must protect herself, she often turns to violence before words. Feeling restrained by Leya, she is easily annoyed and hot-headed. The middle child of the group, she is 13 1/2, and her birthday is October 14th.