Cen, or CentaurMinotaur14, is a senior MBer. He is currently the leader of Night Clan during Lotus's absence. He is on Quotev as well. His first post was on February 6, 2014, although he is inactive now.
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Ships Edit

He is one half of the ship Cezil, along with Hazil. The ship was initially begun by Blizz, but Celest, Azure, Ivory, and others began to ship it pretty quickly. NOTICE ME SENPAI

About Cen Edit

Cen is a senior SAMBer who is the heir to Night Clan. He can be found on Quotev. He tends to be rather obtuse and gullible, but is a good friend and an entertaining one too.

I find your description of me both rather offending and quite true. -Cen

I agree with the obtuse bit.

Thanks -_-