Disclaimer: This is made as a joke. This page was created by a fellow Canadian. Please do not take offence in this.

Introduction Edit

Canadian nicknames have become a popular trend for Canadians and even non-Canadians. They are made for everything Canadian; whether it's poutine (poutineh), or a SAMBer, saying "eh" and adding "eh" in a word has become a part of everyday life on the SAMB.

History Edit

This trend had been started by Anti when he had called Ever "EHHHHver", to ensure the pronounciation of the word. She later noted that it fit because she was Canadian. A month or so later, Hippie and Ever had started calling every Canadian with an "eh" somewhere in their name.

Canadian SAMBer nicknames Edit

  • Hippeh (Hippie)
  • Ehhhver (Ever)
  • Happeh (Happy)
  • Nehvermore (Nevermore)
  • Aehrca (Aerca)
  • Azureh (Azure)

There are also some non-Canadians whom have developped a Canadian Nickname. They are the following:

  • Asehs (Ashes)
  • Whirlpooleh (Whirlpool)
  • Silveh (Silver)

Canadian Nicknames For Objects Edit

  • Poutineh (Poutine. By: Amberwolf.)
  • Mapleh (Maple. By: Ever.)
  • Canehda (Canada. By: Anti.)

Canadian Songs Edit

"eh eH EH Eh eh eh.

eh maple leaf hockey stick.

ehhh ehh EHHver.

something something. 


-A Canadian song, Anti

"Oh Canehda, 

Our homeh and nativeh land, 

Trueh patriot loveh,

In all our sons commandeh, 

Witheh glowing hearts,

We see the rise,

Our trueh north strong and freeh,

From far and wideh, 

Oh Canehda, 

We stand on guard for theeh"

-An Even More Canadian "Oh Canada", Ever

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