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Hoi frond! I'm Bobcat, sometimes known as Bobby, Bobkitty, Bobcatsio, and Kit Kat.

I'll break the third wall and talk in first person, because hey, originality.

I was a pretty active member of this wikia for a couple months. I did a lot of the links, tutorials, and other general housecleaning stuff. Like everything I do, I left a lot of projects unfinished, but that's okay.

I was also a part of the Chat Squad (link needed cuz I'm too lazy to dredge one up). It was pretty fun, and I'd just like to thank all of you guys for that. Kapu wants to tell Ernest that if he gets another sloth friend, he will name it after him. He also says "merp." I'm assuming that means something in sloth.

I left the SAMB on October 24, 2017. Yep.

If you ever desperately need me, shoot me a message on my message wall. I'm on other wikias, so I'll get a notification.

Goodbye friends!

-Bobblehead feline

“Dude, check blog posts and stalk the chat cause I’ll be on it bro”~Whirlpool