• PengjinJoker
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  • Not-eris

    yo lupa

    May 2, 2018 by Not-eris

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  • Happyhopeful24

    bc i can't find them. btw my discord is gray-ace in space#6207 if you want to talk and contemplate life.

    so please send me the links to the wof and samb discords thanks

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  • Evergreendusk

    ah, heck

    March 19, 2018 by Evergreendusk

    they didn't give me a reason so i'll just assUME it's a glitch :( update: not a glitch oops

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  • Fizzythepolandball

    you are going on a blind date with THE DAMN TRUTH

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  • Not-eris

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  • Happyhopeful24

    art n' shit by happeh

    February 23, 2018 by Happyhopeful24

    ever since i got my drawing board i've been doing a lot of random doodles. here's some of them!

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  • Eternity Eternal

    Me: Huh, wonder when the next season is

    Me: *reads date*

    Me: *Resists the urge to start screeching and startling my grandmother to death*

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  • Happyhopeful24

    i pray this works

    January 27, 2018 by Happyhopeful24

    its a thing i made

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  • Happyhopeful24

    reilin | coffeeshop/reincarnation/soulmate au | it's bean nice to see you again

    meilin is the daughter of a famous military general turned buisnessman who's running for congress. she's also a hipster with a caffeine addiction. one day she goes to a starbucks and meets a cute barista/cashier who looks familiar... (meilin and rollan are the meilin and rollan from the books in a past life who are also soulmates)

    "Oh crud, I'm late!" Meilin muttered to herself as she exited the car. One would think the daughter of a famous former military general turned entrepreneur and famous businessman running for congress would be more prepared when it came to university. One would also expect her to not be tripping over floral Doc Martens as she speedwalked…

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  • Happyhopeful24

    Voltron: Legendary Defender and Young Justice: a study

    I only recently got into VLD, but I've already fallen into the trash can. But when I first watched it, it immediately struck me as something very familiar. Young Justice is a DC cartoon that was released in 2010. It was canceled after 2 seasons but is making a comeback in 2018 with a long-awaited third season. I high recommend watching Young Justice, it only has about 40 25 minute-ish episodes that are amazing, and available on Netflix, even in Canada. Keep in mind there will be spoilers in this... thing I'm writing, so if you want to watch Young Justice going in blind, don't read this until you've finished the series. So SPOILER ALERT.

    I immediately noticed the animation and art style i…

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  • Happyhopeful24

    guy: i like a girl who can eat

    girl: i have a mouth and teeth and a digestive system for a reason, dumbass


    girl: me too, that's why i love myself.

    guy: i like girls who have pretty eyes

    girl: oh me too

    guy: guys too

    girl: oh me too

    (and that's how a movie single-handedly revealed 2 bi characters)

    girl: *goes to talk to guy*

    guy: girl i'm not interested i have a boyfriend

    girl: wtf this is a gay bar i just wanted to say your hair looks cool

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    SAMB wiki

    January 18, 2018 by Whirlpoolkitty

    So, Amber and myself did some communi of the cating (communicating) and we decided to have a wiki called SAMB wiki and basically bring all the SAMBers there and call it the SAMB.

    Now here me out, we only use the real SAMB to post trashy/ridiculous/random/memey/strange things, life updates, Roleplay, And fanfiction. So what’s the difference if we do it on another place?

    This new wiki has a “Discuss” section which is a lot like the layout of the SAMB (as in, you can create threads and people reply to them) plus, you can attach pictures to each thread and comment (obviously to be used appropriately).

    There’s also a Blogpost section, which you guys know about so I won’t explain that, which would work as well. Amber and I have decided to hold a vo…

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    So stalk wiki chat a lot, cause I’ll be onky there as much as I can to reveal my ideas. ;)

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    1 year

    January 16, 2018 by Whirlpoolkitty


    As of January 31st, I will have been apart of the SAMB for a year. Apart; I should say known.

    I was permabanned 5 months ago and I haven’t said much or been very active on the wiki.

    But still, I’ve known you, I’ve been friends with you, for 1 year. And I think it’s safe to say I’m no longer a newbie.

    At the start of 2017, I constantly brought up the fact that I was a newbie and I’d never understand any of the “oldie” jokes.

    Dad always says “everything comes in phases”. And I disagreed for this case. SAMB wasn’t a phase to me. I wanted to reach it to one year and show myself…

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  • Happyhopeful24


    Matt: *after returning* You thought you saw the last of me, bitches.

    Shiro: *loud gasp, covering the closest people’s ears* matt the children



    lance does actually have good ideas and skills, but no one listens to him and does their own thing because it's lance, what does he know? so one day they're getting their asses handed to them, and no one is listening to lance. lance gets super pissed  bc he knows how to beat the guy and then just yells, "EVERYBODY SHUT UP. (plan plan plan). ok?" and everyone's like, "shit, that was actually a good idea. oh my gosh lance has good ideas." and they're just frozen in shock and lance is like, "DID I FUCKING STUTTER" and then …

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  • Happyhopeful24

    Just sayin’... Shiro wears eyeliner.

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  • Bobcatsio

    Since we finally have a holiday that is observed in all three of our primary countries (USA/Canada/Australia) that I can say for an absoulute certainty y'all will have off, we need to find some time to meet up.

    This is kind of hypocritical of me, sticking around after leaving both here and the SAMB in a blaze of glory, but I'm weak and I want to talk to my fronds. And TBH, you guys were the people that I stayed on the SAMB for in the first place, so we all knew I was going to break at some point. ;D

    Soooooooooooooo I'd love to talk to everyone, and I knowwww Discord is better for this sort of thing, but there are reasons why I can only log on occasionally. For those reasons, I'm limited to the Wikia chats and... yeah that's pretty much it.

    I …

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    This Wiki is dead

    December 23, 2017 by Whirlpoolkitty

    Obviously. When you look at the “recently edited” section you start seeing things like **-edited 13 days ago, when you used to be able to see things edited from very very recently to 3 hours.

    There is almost nooo activity and in fact only one person will probably read this blog post.

    Why am I making a blog post about this? Dunno. Guess I kinda wanna see the wiki more active and talk to you guys more. I don’t know how to do that though.

    Anyway, just letting y’all know XD

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    Now you better have seen The last Jedi because I have some STUFF to DISCUSS



    One word Happy; #reylo


    I don’t even think I’m supposed to ship them, but it’s’s hard.


    OMG and that scene where they are fighting side by side! I nearly cried, that got me emotionally guys. Wow wow wow

    There’s so much more I could say words to say it...wait here’s one: REYLO

    However I still don’t know who Snoke is which is kinda a bummer but still. I also didn’t …

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  • Evergreendusk

    big display of grades but will not say names of classes:

    in Boring With Sad and Complex Vocabulary Books class, i got 86%

    in Boring With Sad and Simple Vocabulary (and also dildo references) Books class, i also got 86%

    in Basically No One Ever Listens To The Shitty Teacher Because She's Boring Af (even though she is actually a good teacher which i will not admit) class, i got 88%

    in Everything We're Doing Is Not What We're Supposed To Be Doing class, i got 92%

    in Teacher With Blue Eyeshadow class, I got 97%

    in Teacher Who Makes Sex Jokes But Also Makes Us Sell Lemonade Online class, I got 99%

    in That Class I'm Supposed To Be Good At But I Think I'm Going Downwards But Hey At Least I'm The Teacher's Pet class, I got 103%

    in Easy Class But Only Beca…

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  • Happyhopeful24

    Y'know that vine "2 bros chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they're not gay?" (Rip vine 5 ever in our hearts) Well hOLY FUCK MY MIND IS AMAZING. Connor Murphy and Evan Hansen. I ship it. They're the Tree Bros. So TREE BROS CHILLIN IN A HOT TUB 5 FEET APART CUZ THEY'RE "NOT GAY" (Sincerely Me: "But not because we're gay) (Yes because you're gay)(NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE GAY MY ASS)

    Don't mind my 1am shitposting.

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  • Happyhopeful24
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  • Brokenegg345

    I know four fictional characters that survived rule 34 and fanfictions, and I am calling all of the "older kids" to find the characters I am looking for.  Submit a different screenshot and name of the desired character through the comments. The winner is the first one who submitted all four of the correct screenshots and names. 

    Your reward: The truth behind this account.

    Four screenshots, use them wisely:

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  • Happyhopeful24

    Their eyes bore into me, staring into my soul, I put up a mask, but their gaze incinerate it as it were nothing. My face burns and flushes with blood, threatening to explode my head in a flood of red. Mu lungs collapse and I struggle to breathe, They said that breathing was autonomous, they were wrong. I force myself to fill my lungs, But the oxygen around me has disappeared.

    I am going to die. I am going to die. I am going to die.

    I bite the inside of my cheek, hoping that hole in the dam will release the blood from my cheeks into my mouth, Teeth sink into flesh, blood and iron explode into my mouth. I struggle to speak, its my turn to talk, my voice is calm and steady, but my mind screams, begging someone to rescue me and read my tho…

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  • Not-eris

    sims are cool

    November 21, 2017 by Not-eris
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  • Fizzythepolandball

    prepare your eyes

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  • Happyhopeful24

    this is seriously pretty dark.

    duct tape.

    tying up people.


    and then, there is an aduction of a female minor.

    honestly, this is messed up.

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  • CleoCleoCleo

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  • Bookdragon296

    I know they won't but it's weird because i always think it

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  • Lolvana

    My brother's sadnnes

    October 30, 2017 by Lolvana

    He is sad cuz I did not let him use the lie detector app I installed

    some are random :P

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  • Happyhopeful24

    phan sharing clothes

    October 29, 2017 by Happyhopeful24

    "just for this video"

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  • Happyhopeful24

    -they're cool with me being bi

    -fellow hamiltrash


    -my friend and i always wear beanies, so we call ourselves the beanie buddies

    -they also watch youtubers i watch

    -we don't let each other do stupid shit... alone

    -also gay shippers


    -tolerate my complaining

    -also introverts and INFPs

    -will sit with me in the corner, we hate socializing

    -we are all loud as heck, despite also being quiet (idk either)

    -emotionally supportive

    -we owe each other milk, ribena and soy milk instead of soda

    -there is no shame and no judging

    -if one of us runs out of deodorant, we literally have the same ones

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  • CleoCleoCleo

    new gang

    October 26, 2017 by CleoCleoCleo


    "Ciao. I'm a flipside."

    lives in the vatican

    Actually Uses Capitalisation !

    likes pizza n all things italian

    super snazzy but not gay


    "I DON'T ship pizdeep. I'm a real man and I have Mountain Dew in my laksa. AND I COOK MY LAKSA."

    hello from your local mobile call centre how may i help you

    polite unless you threaten his curry acts

    WAY too old for his age

    what is his age anyway

    the chocolate moose


    moose not mousse

    fake smile and bad sense of humour

    secretly loves ‘turn down for what’

    says mayrio instead of mario

    mr. farenheit


    blood type: onion

    ladies man


    actually uses celsius



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  • Happyhopeful24

    in school, it's part of phys ed to have a self defence thing for a week. all my friends are in my gym class, so yay. today was the most funny and awkward. we had partners, and we wer learning what to do i someone pinned us down. we have to practice with partners, so we had to straddle and pin eachother down while the other threw their partner away, and it was hilarous. how many times did i say no homo? too many.

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  • Happyhopeful24

    -why people think that skinny = pretty

    -people think it's easier for bi peeps to find love and we'll "steal" everyone. "leave some for us!" bitch there are 7 billion people and many aren't gay, and many don't like bi peeps.


    -people think global warming is fake

    -asmr is a thing that isn't its intended purpose


    -"all catholics are homophobic"

    -"canadians will always for give you" HA i still hold several grudges from the fourth grade


    -guys who like theatre = gay

    -"musicals are boring" *hyena laugh*


    -girls who wear makeup must be girly girls, girls who don't are tomboys. 

    -why people don't like amazingphil


    -fanfiction is all bad. there are some good, wholesome ones out there that are cute and dramatic and have angs…

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  • Fizzythepolandball

    i'm not sure if this is affecting others but i can't even post like seriously when i click create topic all i see is the bar for the post title i can't even see the body this isn't affecting wof tho

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  • CleoCleoCleo

    positivity cow post

    October 19, 2017 by CleoCleoCleo
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  • Lolvana

    My soul

    October 7, 2017 by Lolvana


    There was a teachers day party (cus we start our school in June) and my classmate Brought balloons.I originally got a pink one then I was like WAIT...I could make a funny joke out of this so I got the black one.and there were markers soooo..... (You Know what I did)

    I showed my sister Not my brother

    It's dark squishy and has dirty thumb prints on it.....just like my soul


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  • Fizzythepolandball

    i know i said it twice already but i think the message will get through quicker if i make a blog post. so, i've been banned for a week for violent language (i think it was this post i made called "death frappe" and it was a recipe for a frappe but with ingredients that would probably kill you) and i want y'all the tell the samb. you don't have to tell the reason, just that i was banned for a week. if you tell the reason, fine by me, but i feel that's a bit risky. risking what, i'm not sure.

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  • Whirlpoolkitty

    Ok, First of all, this will not change your life at could...I guess...depends how easily your life is changed....

    Second of all, I need you to keep reading PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    I am running for a Junior Secondary Leader role and I need to have a speech prepared.

    I need tips for this speech. I have NO IDEA what grade 9s like and since you guys seem to be a similar age (grade 7-10 I would assume) I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD WANT TO HEAR IN A SPEECH AND WAHT WOULD PERSUADE YOU TO VOTE FOR THEM.


    Please answer XD

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  • Happyhopeful24

    That's my voice. I'm auditioning for Marcy Parks in my school's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. My audition is tomorrow, so please tell me what to improve on. Thanks!

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  • Whirlpoolkitty
    • strollin around the wiki randomly until you stumble across the shipped SAMBers page and see a ship name that could definitely be half of your name*

    Chanpool???? *reads on* "Chance and Whirlpool" *confuzzlement*

    When did this happen??

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  • Happyhopeful24

    More Hamilton stuff

    September 24, 2017 by Happyhopeful24

    BELIEVER } Hamilton PV

    Hamilton in 7 minutes - Animatic YOU WILL GET CHILLS

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  • Evergreendusk

    yo fizzy

    September 24, 2017 by Evergreendusk

    kay i'll tell you a little secret most of the mb and discord chat and everyone else basically knows because i feel like it would be excluding you if you didn't know and this is getting longer okay

    communism is on the rise

    no not that oops how did that get there

    able is me

    i'm able


    i made it because of the rise of the secret accounts in april and i wanted to guess who the people were and the most reasonable thing to do was do it on a secret account

    ^that wasn't a smart decision

    but hey- able is a meme in my heart

    now you could tell the whole mb, because i already confessed it on a thread back in april, but some people don't know

    if you don't tell, cool

    if you do, cool, but written in blood

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  • Happyhopeful24


    September 24, 2017 by Happyhopeful24

    I finally have my laptop back! Which means chat! Which means sending YT links through chat!

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  • Bookdragon296

    sigh just my luck

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  • Bookdragon296

    Just tell everyone please. But it's not good. I've slowly been getting bad again and I'm losing everything that helped me through last year

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  • Evergreendusk

    hm so after my eighth grade high school and these two weeks of ninth grade i've experienced, i'd like to think i grew wiser.



    "grew wiser"

    hahahahaha who am i kidding 

    anyways to those innocent ears, gtfo cuz it's going to get nsfie (not safe for innocent ears/eyes) 

    first up, you have the lit teacher. this teacher is actually the best but don't be fooled cuz these teachers give you actual kilograms of homework and tests to study for and they're actually the devil in disguise 

    but of course, you have your pessimist illuminati crazy ass wants to be lit teacher. so they're pretty chill but in a freezing type of way and not just because the classroom is a literal tundra, but because they never show any emotion. the only good thing about thi…

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  • Sky Way-Too-Many-Last-Names

    it was fucking beautiful

    i want to see it again preferably now

    also i got this great hat there and i think im lowkey jughead now

    “in case you havent noticed, im weird. im a weirdo. i dont fit in. and i dont want to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? thats weird.”

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