Artemis Blaze Litriocht was an Australian MBer permabanned in October 2015 for posting links to this site.

She founded the MB family Litriocht, an Irish Gaelic word meaning "literature". She was a major part of the Young Elites/Rose Society RP, founded by AquaArtemis (Kendra). She had two characters - Artemis, who she was named after, had the power of battle (increased capabilities in battle and the ability to sense weapons nearing her body), and X had the power of fire.

Artemis's SAMB self had long plaited black hair streaked with acid green and the power of fire. She also had the power of battle, was a child of Athena, and had the ability to unsheathe claws from her knuckles.

When she was permabanned, she posted increasingly melodramatic messages, all saying roughly the same thing. These were known as the "Blaze/Artemis ban messages", a term coined by the Tricky Daily. Her banning is often compared to those of Peg and Azure.

Many considered her a troll. However, for the majority of her time as a MBer, she was nine years old. Most MBers didn't know this fact, because the tone of her writing seemed a lot older.

If you wish to locate her, her online alias has changed to Anix. She is on Quotev as @theforestofanix. She can also be located on Google+ and Discord.

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