Shortly after the Forum Apocalypse, an anonymous SAMBer joined the forum. They posted a cryptic message about "helping" the SAMB. The post was seen by many, and about 75% of the SAMBers were convinced it was CandyDragon318 in a new account. Some unbelievers of their helpfulness were Flash, Aura, and Blitz. Happy even said, "I do not trust this person." Their signature read:

"I am an anonymous account.

I am not a hacker.

I am safe.

I am a SAMBer.

I am here to help.

I am Blanc."

However, a couple observant SAMBers noticed that there was white ink in their signature. After the last line, it read JK, I'M HAPPY. Destiny/Mai/Meanie/Dune/Mina was the first to point it out. She wrote, "*bursts out laughing* hahaha... did u guys not notice the sig... it says, "JK Happy" or something like that... it's Happy guys... i thought someone would notice by now... oh, btw... it's in white ink... so... XD" Blanc was just a prank by Happy. This made her "I don't trust this person." post more hilarious. Her move was found uplifting after the frightening and chaotic Forum Apocalypse. Many SAMBers thanked Happy for lightening the mood with a fun little joke.

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