Beige is a SAMBer that came to the SAMB on February 7, 2014. She has been in many RPs and started quite a few of her own. Her username is beigebutterfly111, and she used to call herself beigebutterfly. But after a while, that got shortened to Beige, so now she is Beige. She is also on the WOFMB sometimes, but the SAMB is her home, and she would like to remind everyone in both MBs that it will stay that way. 

She has started many RPs, as mentioned before, some being the New RP, The Summoners of the Great Beasts RP, Gym Leaders RP, Nectar Ceremony RP, Avatar RP, A Demigod RP, Capture the Flag RP, and By My Blood RP. All but the first three of these are still open for business, so you are welcome to join any of them. 

Beige would like to thank you for looking at her page. She says that she loves the SAMB and all of its SAMBers and that it is one of her favorite places in the world, and her favorite in the virtual world. She would also like to remind all SAMBers to stay fluffeh forever.

Thank you!