Basilisk(outsmartingbasilisk18) is a FanWing active on the WoFMB. She will also visit the Horizon, Worlds Collide, and SAMB forums from time to time. She has been a part of the Lands of Scholastica for 3 years now.

History Edit

Basilisk first posted on the SAMB on June 9, 2014 and has never made an official "I'm New" post. She officially left the SAMB on May 14, 2015 though she had been inactive beforehand. Basilisk rarely visits the SAMB now, and most of her posts on there are form after she left.

Basilisk first posted on the WoFMB February 4, 2015 and, same as before, has never made an official "I'm New" post. She has been active ever since, and isn't planning on leaving anytime soon.

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