Basilisk (outsmartingbasilisk18) is a FanWing active on the WoFMB. She will also visit the Horizon, Worlds Collide, and SAMB forums from time to time. She has been a part of the Lands of Scholastica for 3 years now. In additon, she is somewhat active on the GvE Wikia/chat. Basilisk spends the majority of her time on the WoFMB RPing on FWRPs, namely GvE and FA. She is the Queen of Snakes, and has been shipped with in the ship Galaxisk.

Good vs. Evil Edit

In the forum wide RP GvE, Basilisk has four characters- Basil, Basilisk, Discord, and Sovrano. 

Basilisk Edit

Basilisk is a Light Sider and has three flipsides. (See other characters.) 

"She has dirty blonde, long hair that reaches mid-back. She has grey-blue eyes and is short and lean. Basilisk wears a green t-shirt with blue jeans. She usually carries a dark green backpack filled with various things, mostly for survival purposes."

Basil Edit

Basil is Basilisk's Fusion Flipside and is the leader of the Fusion side. 

"Basil has long silver hair that goes down to her mid back. She has bright purple eyes and is lean and tall(inhumanely so) with fair-ish skin. Basil wears a black shirt with sleeves that has the white silhouette of a deer on it. She wears a light grey jacket and dark blue jeans."

Discord Edit

Discord is Basilisk's Chaos Flipside, and is one of two unoffical leaders of the Chaos Side. 

Sovrano Edit

Sovrano is Basilisk's Dark Flipside. He's a Dark Sider.

"Tall, but not extremely tall. His skin is tanned and has a golden tint to it. Sovrano has black claws that are slightly longer than Basil's but equally as sharp. His hair is jet black and he has golden eyes with black around them instead of the usual white. He usually wears warm colored T-shirts with his dark grey jacket over them and blue jeans." 

Forum Apocalypse Edit

In the FWRP Forum Apocalypse, Basilisk has one character by the same name. She is the slightly mutated and unhinged ruler of the Wastelands. Basilisk is one of the original FA RPers, and is still relatively active in the RP.

Quotes: Edit

"This is... mmm"

"Basilisk: Purple sucks

Someone else: Yeah Purple sucks

Basilisk: *Screeches and tackles them*"

"Hooray for lame titles"

History Edit

Basilisk first posted on the SAMB on June 9, 2014 and has never made an official "I'm New" post. She officially left the SAMB on May 14, 2015 though she had been inactive beforehand. Basilisk rarely visits the SAMB now, and most of her posts on there are form after she left.

Basilisk first posted on the WoFMB February 4, 2015 and, same as before, has never made an official "I'm New" post. She has been active ever since, and isn't planning on leaving anytime soon.

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