Hello. This thread is for the SAMBers that may have gotten banned for something. Here, you can write messages, and ask for SAMBers who are unbanned to send them to certain people or post on certain threads. This page was inspired as, I, Storm, was recently banned for referring users to another website, which was probably by creating two topics about the wikia. Moral of the story: Be careful when you talk about other websites.

Originally, I thought I had found a way to be able to POV - post them here and then if someone was willing, they could copy and paste it over to the preferred role-play. Then, after some thinking, I realized this was a bad idea. For one, it was kind of defeating the purpose of a ban. I was banned - I shouldn't be posting. Second, I could get the person who would be willing to be the messenger in trouble for helping me evade ban. And I'm not willing to risk it.

So, this post can be edited by a banned SAMBer and they can explain why they were banned, and whenever this is updated a person could tell the rest of the MB. Or if the banned SAMBer has an urgent message to send to a friend or a SAMBer who is down, then they could post it here. This page should be used wisely, if used at all.

Thanks for reading.


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