History on the SAMBEdit

Sapphirefairy850, AKA BBand is a user on the Spirit Animals Message Board. His first post was on March 21 2017, though was very inactive becuse he was playing the game. After he reached level 40 he saw no point in playing the game anymore, so he took a break from SA. Though sometime in late April BBand started posting more often, and in May he became a very active user. BBand became a user who often posted random things, and joined a couple RP's. Soon after he created a couple RP's, but they failed, and BBand quit making RP's. BBand soon found a new purpose on the SAMB as a hurgle collector, and tried to obtain the most hurgles possible, but BBand only has 69 common hurgles, but that is because he only has been hurgle collecting since June 7, 2017.

                                                           Ships and ShippedEdit

BBand has been shipped a ton with Dusk, and was once shipped with Ashes. (I have been shipped like, a million times with Dusk)

Trivia Edit

  1. BBand is technically a first gen user, having had another account at the age of 5, but mostly spammed, and was banned for a few days. His dad found out, and used Parental Controls to take away usage to Spirit Animals.

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