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Azure, or AzureKoi42, is an awesome SAMB'er who is a shipper. Her most successful ship is Colain, consisting of her friend Rain and Cole, both of whom are other SAMB'ers. She was permabanned from the MBs and was active on Quotev. Now she is inactive, having left Q due to stress (this is sketchy information at best - nobody really knows why). She returned briefly, but has since disappeared. Azure hates hugs, huggles, and being shipped, despite her shipper status. Her alternate side is ZooZoo, the cute and huggable dolphin. 🐬🐬🐬 She can be quite crazy when hyper. Her first post was on October 28, 2014. She also plays TombQuest and is willing to raid your tomb if you ask.

Azure is also called Azura and, more commonly, ZooZoo or ZooZoo the Dolphin. ZooZoo also has a security blanket.

Clan Edit

She is also the third-in-command of Night Clan behind Ivory and Cen.

Quotes Edit

"MOOOOOOOOVE IT." (When she was on the plane to San Fransokyo)

"*frowns* I shall not be married to a fish. Beastiality."


"...a pattern that belongs and should stay on antique furniture."

Ships Edit

Azure is only shipped with a fish (ship name is Fizure) and a black hole (Ship name is Azzhole), even if she doesn't want to be Shipped.

Furniture Edit

She is a lamp and mug right now.