Azoth Quicksilver Saryn-Hope Desitjo,
or TigerBlue1523, is a SAMBer who has diabetes. She joined on May 4, 2014. Azoth, or Azzy-chan, created the Desitjo MB family. She ships herself with Donte, one of her gang members.

Her name was previously Skeleton, and then Blue, but changed to Azoth in late August/early September. Azoth is fascinated by space-time converters which has resulted in several mistakes that altered her past. Her brother is Grimbo.

While being on SA, she has made a Quotev account and can be found there occasionally.

She went inactive officially on July 28th, 2016.

Quotes Edit

"No WAAAAYYYYYY! Really?!"

"Suck them. Suck them all. I'ma GONNA SUCK THEM ALL!"

"What a time to be dead."

"You see, I'm easily distracted - Whoa! Look at that virginity!"

"My grades aren't that bad. It was that math test where I got a 0 that's the problem. I like 0. A nice, round number.."

"I like Cheetos"

"This time, I'm really gonna do it"