Ayita Mirima Historia fomally known as Pizza the Redcloak is a daughter of Hades, an awesome person, a SAMBer and a crazy person. She has a MB twin who is Ever. (Who is totally awesome and totally didn't write this.)(EVER!) Her RL mother was also on the SAMB before she was banned, Wolfgal

she now wears a silver Eventi t-shirt under her cloak

No longer my appearance


Pizza's Redcloak form. Made by one of her G+ friends of which she can't remember the name of

She's the Queen of Loneliness, Home Made Pizzas, Sea Otters and Skylands

She is also very obsessed with Skylanders, her favourites being Roller Brawl, Chopscotch, Golden Queen and Chompy Mage


2016-12-17 (9)

Alice, a girl Pizza met during Halloween 2016

Childhood Edit

Her childhood consisted of growing up in Ragnor castle being looked after by her great aunts and great grandmother, Chloe. She grew up with blonde hair which she kept until she joined the Conquerors.

When she was wandering the forest once she ran into a Sphinx. Having compteted in the duals (Fight than riddles) ever since she started training as a Junsong warrior (Five years of age) she answered the riddles with ease.

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After the encounter she wound up at Camp Half Blood where she stayed until she was 12 (Minus the year she was 10 that she spent as a bounty hunter). She stayed at Ragnor castle for a while again.

Then she choose the join the Conquerors. she only told Annabeth Chase and Athena about her plan, choosing to be branded as a traitor to CHB to better her chances of her plan working. Her plan was to destroy them from the inside. She's writing a story on what happened after the war.

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Gang Edit

This is a few of her gang members (Pictures are in order)

Fang- Redcloak who enjoys killing. Part of Fread

Sage- Redcloak who's very smart. Part of Sise

Kayla Mirima

Mimi- Daughter of Aphrodite, Hunter of Artemis. Great with spells

Bread- Redcloak afraid of everything. Part of Fread

Wise- Redcloak who's very smart. Part of Sise

Princess Kayla Mirima Historia Edit

Not a dark or light side but what she used to be, Kayla Mirima is the embodiment of Pizza's life before she met the sphinx. Kayla Mirima is a pain to Kayla, Pizza, Maddie, Belinda, Light and Secret by just being alive. She somes in handy if Pizza wants to see her Great-Great-Great Aunt Raizel

Children Edit

Adsila Edit

Adsila is Pizza's adopted daughter. She's a Cubone, the Lonely Pokemon and she has two sisters, who was adopted too, called Little Mimi who's a Mimikyu, and Tina, who's a Totodile. She enjoys playing with Pizza, as she sees Pizza as her new mother as her biological one died

Little Mimi Edit

Pizza's other adopted daughter. She's a Mimikyu, the disguise Pokemon. She enjoys playing with her "big sister" as she finally has a loving family.

Tina Edit

Tina is a spoiled little girl who gets away with anything she wants (Adsila and Little Mimi would too, but they don't try). She's a Totodile. She is also a Shiny Pokemon

Personalities and Dark side Edit

Pizza has one dark side, and several personalities of hers that she lost after a spell that wound her up as she is. Here they are

Kayla Edit

Kayla is her dark side. She is everything Pizza was while she was a Conqueror and a Camper. A lot more serious then Pizza, she knows what to do to get the job done. She also shortened her name from Kayla Mirima when she joined the Conquerors and dyed her hair black

Light Edit

Light is Pizza's cheeriness. Not something she lost but it still became a person

Belinda Edit

Again not something she lost. Belinda is her caring nature

Maddie Edit

Pizza's cruelty. Maddie is a horrible person, and may or may not be shipped with Bob by Fang and Wise

Secret Edit

Pizza's vanity.
Little cubone by jack a lynn-d5q9r6i

Ship Edit

Pizza is in a ship with Tempest. The ship is called Tempa

Deaths Edit

Very few compared to others. She's died once because she annoyed Cinder Fall

Important Dates outfit or Whenever she heads to Ragnor because her being a Princess and all Edit


Important Dates outfit

Kayla Mirima
She wears a black dress, with a large v-neck. A choker with an emerald, her hair is curled more than usual but kept in the same style. She paints two stars under her right eye, her right eye is covered. She puts on black lipstick and eye shadow. She wears two white roses in her hair. She paints her nails silver and carrys a skull around, mainly because her aunts aren't impressed she's a child of Hades. Which is why she dresses in the most Underworldy way possible
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