=== ☀If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
If this problem lies in me
I'm only a man with a candle to guide me
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me
A monster, a monster
I've turned into a monster
A monster, a monster
And it keeps getting stronger ===

Info Edit

Aphrodite Aurum Silver Cassie Darkblade-Fluffeh-Eternal Flame, more commonly known as Aphrodite, is an SAMBer whose main account is tsunamitiger112. Her first post was on May 28, 2016. She was stalking since December of 2015. However, she is still considered a newbie due to the fact that she first brought herself to the attention of the SAMB at large in 2017.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Personality Edit

Aphrodite can be snappy and short-tempered, but is cheerful and random most of the time. She has a SAMB twin, Tigris, and is good friends with Eevee/Silver and Night Robin. She is also stalking Bobcat and Storm, just in case

Other Titles Edit

Aph, Aphy, Aphro, Tsunamitiger, Tsunami, Water, and her RL name Cassie.

She is Queen of Venturiantale and video games, princess of books, ruler of Minecraft, founder of Darksky, goddess of confusion and internet stress, and empress of polar bears for whatever reason. She is a thread ghost and thread stalker, angel of the North, deity of fireworks and massive explosions, countess of turtles, destroyer of alpacas and mobile, and master of all weapons. She is also a Redcloak, Gryffindor, and bender.

Powers Edit

  • Aphrodite is a waterbender.
  • Aphrodite taught herself how to teleport.
  • Aphrodite can stand incredible cold and is an amazing swimmer and hunter, mostly from her adorable polar bear minions.
  • As a hunter of Artemis, she had killer accuracy with the bow but also likes using daggers and short swords. Actually, she can fight with and weapon because she's a master of all weapons. Obviously.
  • When she summoned Rheiya the peregrine falcon, she was given sight and speed. When her brother, Vulcan, died, his spirit animal Talos the cheetah came to Aphrodite and can go into passive state, enhancing her speed and sight even more.
  • She can summon anything that happens to be at her home
  • Can confuse people or make them stressed, make stuff explode, turn life into a video game or book, call her Darksky army, destroy alpacas and mobile, and can do wand magic.

Gang Edit

Aphrodite's gang includes Bacchus, Athena, Bellona, Venus, and used to include Vulcan.

Possessions Edit

Depending on what kind of person - empress, goddess, hunter, ruler... - she will have different things. Here's what she always has:

  • At least two croissants
  • A bottle of rootbeer.
  • Her laptop
  • A rock (though she won't explain why, she favors her rock above all weapons)
  • An enchanted bow that disappears
  • A dagger
  • A fidget spinner

Appearance Edit

Funny Trolls, Meme, Rage Comic Whatsapp Pictures 11

Brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, tall, thin.

Empress of polar bears - Hair in a wrap around braid, purple long sleeve shirt, black sweat pants, earings with ruby gems, a ruby necklace, and a gold and ruby diadem

Goddess of confusion and internet stress - Curly hair, white gown, golden necklace, tiara, and earings, bare feet

Ruler of Minecraft - slightly curly hair, blue, purple, and pink armor, a sword at her back, and two white marble hair spikes

Princess of books - straight neat hair, black and blue hoodie, blue diamond earrings and circlet, golden tiara, black jeans and knee-high brown combat boots

Founder of Darksky - pink tank-top, dark blue vest-jacket, two hot pink feathers in her hair, teal rose wreath, short spiky hair, short blue jean shorts, sandals and cross necklace

Queen of Venturiantale - indigo, crimson, gold, salmon, and teal armor. Pink butterfly style eyeshadow, straight shoulder length brown hair. Black butterfly tattoo on one shoulder, purple-ish eyes

Hunter of Artemis - green turtle neck tee, ripped up black jeans, black combat boots, star necklace and earrings, green circlet and enchanted bow, tight bun with loose hair in the front

Redcloak - violet shirt, blue jeans, Nike sneakers, tooth necklace, red drape circlet with bird of prey designs, long sword sheathed at her back, pink lightsaber when wanted, a cheetah and falcon tattoo on her left arm

Deity of fireworks and massive explosions - short curly hair, light purple no sleeve crop top, magenta jacket, black jeans, and scrappy all stars

Angel of the North - salmon shirt with blue jacket, peace sign necklace, music note earings, white bandana around her neck, ice crown, two silver feathers in her hair, messy hair in a braid, huge silver and white wings

Fan Fiction Edit

Aphrodite writes PJO, HoO, HP, LoK, and other fanfictions.

PJO - Aphrodite gave up on this long ago because she absolutely FAILS at writing in first person.

HoO - Aphrodite finished.

HP - Aphrodite is working on it, do not rush her.

LoK - Aphrodite just begun a day ago.

Original Creation Stories Edit

Aphrodite writes "Fighting Each Other," "Darksky," "Wolves," "Gems," "Reptilian," "Wolf Burn," "Apocalypse," and "The Books of Eras."

Fighting Each Other - A SAMB signup she never got to do and is putting off until later.

Darsky - Currently working on it! Aphrodite has a signup and story thread that you could join.

Wolves - Aphrodite almost finished but drifted, so she might come back to it eventually.

Gems - Was not very thought out and consists of the same characters as Wolves. Aphrodite gave up.

Reptilian - A story she loves with only four characters! Yes, she finally got OC control!

Wolf Burn - Has not been started but is generally about the end of the world, and has nothing to do with wolves.

Apocalypse - the Zombie apocalypse stopped by teenagers, was started and then she drifted away. Aphrodite promises to come back to it eventually.

The Books of Eras - Was never really started, but Aphrodite already has ideas about the whole series, each book consisting of different characters!


Aphrodite recently had over 50 pets, but she decided to send them to magic land and started over. She, as of the time of this edit, has two bunnies, seven cats, one owl, seven dogs, one rat, her spirit animals Talos and Rheiya, and about 50,000 polar bear minions.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm not an idgit! My minions, back off and let me see her so I may bash her head in and make potato soup out of her brain cells."
  • "Do not offend my polar bear minions!"
  • "My friend, please take screenshot of the screenshot you took of me talking about screenshots so I may take a screenshot of that screenshot."
  • "Cool! :) Wait - how did - emoji - I didn't - KILL IT WITH SPAM! SLAY IT!"
  • "Children, the second this appears you must murder it with spam!"
  • "DEATH!"
  • "Seems legit."
  • "Gesundheit."
  • "Bobcat ish amazing."
  • "Let me just sharpen meh rock with this dagger here."
  • "Maki, what have I told you about chewing on our guests? Anona, stop meowing for like two seconds, I know that there is a polar bear in the oven! KURA GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE!"
  • "I've got so much to do. And here I am. Spamming squirrels."

Random Facts Edit

  • For no reason whatsoever she will randomly post memes that have nothing to do with conversation.
  • She has an obsession with Imagine Dragons, OwlCity and Fall Out Boy, so she was given these names by her friends - Believer, FallOutGirl, Century, Radio, and OwlForest.
  • Aphrodite insists on killing emoji and words she doesn't like with spam, kind of like how Bobcat destroys them with fire. It's scary, really.
  • This page was turned to in just about every language you can think of. But that was after Bobcat replaced random words with cucumber, which was after Tale deleted all the pictures and changed stuff to Yiddish.
  • Aphrodite has nothing against Able or Tree.
  • If she really trusts someone, she will offer them a polar bear. So far, she's given one to Bobcat, Waffle, Tempest, Amber, Eris, and Storm. She even offered one to Admin Sarah E.
  • Aphrodite has a weird obsession with croissants and rootbeer.

Aph's current signature


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