Info Edit

Aphrodite Aurum Silver Cassie Darkblade-Fluffeh-Eternal Flame, more commonly known as Aphrodite, is an SAMBer whose main account is tsunamitiger112. Her first post was on May 28, 2016. She was stalking since December of 2015.

Personality Edit

Aphrodite can be snappy and short-tempered, but is cheerful and random most of the time. She has a SAMB twin, Tigris, and is good friends with Eevee/Silver, Night Robin, and Bobcat.

Other Titles Edit

Aph, Aphro, Tsunamitiger all are used, only Aph and Aphro are acceptable.

Fanon knows her as Theo, Theodosia, and Odosia, while some Warrior Catters prefer Aphelion.

She is Queen of Venturiantale and video games, princess of books, ruler of Minecraft, founder of Darksky, goddess of confusion and internet stress, and empress of polar bears for whatever reason. She is a thread ghost and thread stalker, angel of the North, deity of fireworks and massive explosions, countess of turtles, destroyer of alpacas and mobile, and master of all weapons. She is also a Redcloak, Gryffindor, and bender.

Powers Edit

  • Aphrodite is a waterbender.
  • Aphrodite can stand incredible cold and is an amazing swimmer and hunter, mostly from her adorable polar bear minions.
  • As a hunter of Artemis, she had killer accuracy with the bow but also likes using daggers and short swords. Actually, she can fight with and weapon because she's a master of all weapons. Obviously.
  • When she summoned Rheiya the peregrine falcon, she was given sight and speed. When her brother, Vulcan, died, his spirit animal Talos the cheetah came to Aphrodite and can go into passive state, enhancing her speed and sight even more.

Possessions Edit

  • Croissants
  • Root beer
  • Laptop
  • A rock
  • Enchanted Bow
  • Dagger
  • Fidget Spinner
  • A plate to smash
  • A salmon to smack people with
  • A chair to throw at people

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm not an idgit! My minions, back off and let me see her so I may bash her head in and make potato soup out of her brain cells."
  • "My friend, please take screenshot of the screenshot you took of me talking about screenshots so I may take a screenshot of that screenshot."
  • "Cool! :) Wait - how did - emoji - I didn't - KILL IT WITH SPAM! SLAY IT!"
  • "DEATH!"
  • "Seems legit."
  • "Gesundheit."
  • "Bobcat ish amazing."
  • "Let me just sharpen meh rock with this dagger here."
  • "I've got so much to do. And here I am. Spamming squirrels."

Random Facts Edit

  • Aphrodite has nothing against Able or Tree.
  • Aphrodite has a weird obsession with croissants and rootbeer.
  • Aphrodite is extremely opposed to the use of obscene words. If you should have any in anything you write, prepare for it to be edited out immediately by her.

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