Anti Gold (Artisticwings28) or (Quietwriter26) is a SAMBer and usually goes by the nickname Anti. He is a world class idiot and probably can be found on Discord. Anti joined the SAMB on January 20, 2016 and became more active in July in the same year. He's the ruler of gold and overthinking. He's usually mimicking the Canadian stereotype and cringing at his writing skills (which aren't very good). {Haha, that's a funny joke ~Jen [He's an amazing writer]}

He has been inactive now for awhile. Anti still loves his sunglasses and he’s still giving finger-guns to others. He’s happy that he still talks to some SAMB members. Usually when he's alone, he's hanging out with his cat, on discord, YouTube, or creating OC’s.

Anti is a INTJ-T, a Lawful Neutral, a Slytherclaw, and a person who will send you memes at 2:00 A.M. He secretly pledged himself to not go overboard with all this information.

He may come back onto the SAMB forum soon.

Anti lost his sunglasses to Jen, and she currently has no plans of returning them.


He has been shipped with the wonderful Jenna [Jenti], the sassy Storm [Stanti], the salty Kagami (Briefly) [Antami], the cool Seeker (Also briefly) [Seekenti], the truthful Ever [Eventi], and the coolest dude around, Tag (Briefly) [Tanti] 

Ever has pledged to ship him with everyone THAT IS SHIPPABLE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PIZZA. We are not sure why. 


"*inhales* suh dude *exhales*"

"that escalated quickly"

"jesus christ"




"so get this..."




"no dude"

"i'm actually alive."


  • he lost his puctuation on the SAMB unless he's serious
  • He's actually very fond of Canadians.
  • Protective over Jenna
  • Loves to RP (Fantasy, Action, stuff like that.)
  • Jenna still won’t give him his gLASSES