Anti Gold Insaniam (Artisticwings28) or (Quietwriter26) is a SAMBer and usually goes by the nickname AntiGold or Anti. He is a world class idiot and probably can be found on the SAMB. Anti joined on January 20, 2016 and became more active in July in the same year. He's the ruler of gold and overthinking. He's usually mimicking the Canadian stereotype and cringing at his writing skills (which aren't very good). {Haha, that's a funny joke ~Jen [He's an amazing writer]}

He has been recently inactive, but starting to get active again. He's been taking breaks throughout the year because of his mental health. He's also having a recent obsession with finger-guns and sunglasses. No one knows why, not even the boy himself. He also has multiple flannels, which are red, black, and blue because why the heck not be a little crazy. Usually when he's alone, he's hanging out with his cat or just contemplating his existence.

Anti is a INTJ-T, a Lawful Neutral, a Slytherclaw, and a person who will send you memes at 2:00 A.M. He secretly pledged himself to not go overboard with all this information. He's also Genderfluid.

He is also on hiatus.


His family, the Insaniam, is a family for the misfits and chill people. Anti is the founder and is looking forward to spreading the family tree out. Insaniam is for anyone who feels left out, bored, or overall chilled as hell. He only wants to make everyone feel like they have a home on the SAMB and on the internet, even if it's just temporary.

​Shipped and ShipsEdit

He has been shipped with the wonderful Jenna [Jenti], the sassy Storm [Stanti], the salty Kagami (Briefly) [Antami], the cool Seeker (Also briefly) [Seekenti], and the truthful Ever [Eventi]. 

Ever has pledged to ship him with everyone THAT IS SHIPPABLE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PIZZA. We are not sure why. 







"*inhales* suh dude *exhales*"

"that escalated quickly"

"jesus christ"




"so get this..."




"no dude"

"i'm actually alive."


  • Half inactive/ half active.
  • he lost his puctuation on the SAMB unless he's serious
  • He's actually very fond of Canadians.