Amberwolf, or Amber(amberbutterfly669),is in the SAMB families Essanieraen, Mystical, and Traitare.

she also has no idea how to describe her internet self, but in real life "extremely quiet" is just about it

Amberwolf's chat buddy is Fluffy Cat :D

stuff about me~

-hamilton fannnnn

-likes homestuck even though she kinda gave up on reading it

-wikia page is trash and she doesnt know how to fix it or what to put

-why is it that one month later, what i wrote here before seems so cringey and weird?

-im also done with the wolf dragon thing, why was i so addicted to wolf dragons before? see what i mean about me thinking past me was weird

“Stalk Chat And check the blog posts ok boi”~Whirlpool