Amberwolf, or Amber(amberbutterfly669),is in the SAMB families Essanieraen, Mystical, and Traitare. She is quite short-tempered and some other traits that's she's too lazy to think of right now.

oh right, lazy and procrastinates a lot

also lewd


Amberwolf's chat buddy is Fluffy Cat :D

Things Edit

Her flipside Catisar was created on 3/26/17, and she forgot when Luxis came to be. So. Yea.

Her first post was February 19, 2014, on a post called 'THE SPIRITSAUCE ANIMALSAUCE BLOGSAUCE", making her a first-gen SAMBer, apparently.

also she kinda questions why the heck she bothered to claim those other names of hers and since she's banned she can't change that sig so


why did i bother with "amberwolf" anyway i used to love that name cause i used it for some game that i had close friends on but like i dont even like it anymore

how does one change a page name

Fun Facts Edit

She is the queen of wolf dragons, a complete troll, and can get quite salty if annoyed in the slightest bit. Aka, she overreacts a whole ton.

also she makes up words like some she cannot remember right now. such as "doubtings"(its the only one i can remember right now)


stuff like that

-is hamiltrash

-likes homestuck even though she kinda gave up on reading it

-wikia page is trash and she doesnt know how to fix it or what to put

Quotes: Edit




"fucking lux and her demacian shit"

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