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CatSpirit/Alaska Akira-Avery-Stargazer-Rainbow-Skywalker

Random Info

||Likes color fade for no particular reason. ||Is addicted to chewing gum, but can't actually chew it due to braces. ||Is possibly greyromantic. ||Has now had a crush(Two actually). ||Spends her life on YouTube and WattPad. ||Aspiring author. ||Decent artist. ||Either talks too much or too little. ||Catkin, hence the name. ||Got the nickname Alaska from an insane friend at a birthday party, when friend got on a sugarrush and was laughing so hard, couldn't pronounce "x"(Fun fact: When [CS] went to a camp with friend, friend was also insane and ate at least twenty saltine crackers the last night there.)||ALANAKIN ISN'T DEAD YET

Basic Information: Edit

CatSpirit/Alaska(aka Dragoncat2118) is a 1st-gen SAMBer, from 2014. Her full forum name is CatSpirit Akira-Avery-Stargazer-Rainbow-Skywalker. She ships herself with Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. She has declared herself queen of Warriors(Claimed 2015) and Star Wars(Claimed 2016). CatSpirit also has a gang, but more on that below.

Gang: Edit

CatSpirit's gang is made out of several OCs and canon characters. It includes:

  • Anakin Skywalker(Star Wars canon)
  • Hollyleaf(Warriors canon)
  • Kylo Ren(Star Wars canon)
  • Moonheart(Warriors OC)
  • Wind(Wings of Fire OC)
  • Darkstalker(Wings of Fire canon)
  • Frozen(Wings of Fire OC)
  • Tiny(Magic bird/kitten)
  • Jay(OC)
  • Legolas(Lord of the Rings canon)
  • Aragorn(Lord of the Rings canon)
  • Kirito(Sword Art Online canon)
  • Sinon(Sword Art Online canon)
  • Rey(Star Wars canon)
  • Kiwi(OC)
  • Ahsoka Tano(Star Wars: The Clone Wars canon)
  • Shane[The Devourer/King](Spirit Animals canon)
  • Callie(How to Train Your Dragon OC)
  • Lux Bonteri(Star Wars: The Clone Wars canon)
  • Fathom(Wings of Fire canon)

Ships: Edit

CatSpirit ships herself with Anakin Skywalker, making the ship Catakin/Alanakin. She had a ship wedding during spring 2016. Catakin still remains, although at one point renamed "Elenakin", when she changed her nickname to Elektra.

She also ships several canon ships. CatSpirit once shipped Haylo, but she accidentally caused their divorce after she left the SAMB for too long. (RIP Haylo and also Leon)

SAMB History(meaning CSW): Edit

On May 12, 2016, Alaska started a war by using another account, Catwind444, to get into a fight with her main account, Dragoncat2118. This lasted until approximately August 7, 2016.

(Essentially CS was an awful attention-loving child with a taste for drama so she screwed up everyone's lives for the summer. Rest in peace*of mind* that you died without hiding your secrets ~future CS)

Other Alaska-y things: Edit

Wattpad: FrozenAlaska

Discord: Alaskaa

(I had a deviantArt but I think I killed it)