most of what you see below is the results of my "peppy" personality BLOOMING with a side of depression because why be normal when you can be JUST SAYORI wait--

Random Info

||Likes color fade for no particular reason. ||Is addicted to chewing gum, but can't actually chew it due to braces. ||Is possibly greyromantic. ||Has now had a crush(Two actually). ||Spends her life on YouTube and WattPad. ||Aspiring author. ||Decent artist. ||Either talks too much or too little. ||Catkin, hence the name. ||Got the nickname Alaska from an insane friend at a birthday party, when friend got on a sugarrush and was laughing so hard, couldn't pronounce "x"(Fun fact: When [CS] went to a camp with friend, friend was also insane and ate at least twenty saltine crackers the last night there.)||ALANAKIN ISN'T DEAD YET _____ mkay that was my old cheerfully depressed eleven year old self, here's the new trashy cool bio!! w o w

cs joined the vast land of Scholastica back in the good old days of 2010 when she was obsessed with 39 clues, but she lost the password to that account and never really thought about it (especially since I don't think the websites were all connected yet?)

flash forward three/four years and cs buys the first spirit animals book from the book fair and falls in love, plays the game as soon as she's done reading. cs was pretty into it for a while but she wasn't a gamer girl(yet) and quit

then maybe a year or less later, she rediscovers the site and makes an account that she DIDN'T FORGET! YAY! and plays the game for a while before venturing onto the forums. the forums were a strange and confusing place at the time, so she was like "okay" and just stuck with the game

after losing interest in it again, a year later, in 2015, cs actually becomes invested and makes friends on the forum(read: made a lot of roleplays, like her first, "Wings of Fire RP Thank You to Other RP People". how eloquent, am i right? somehow that drew in some influential people that showed her what the forums actually were

(thank god for stormy-wormy, redlamb, and silver)

after some debating, she chooses the nickname CatSpirit for no particular reason at all (except she figured out that reason eventually. yay for blaise/the internet). she has a nice time, makes friends, then gets some very scary talks about the dangers of the internet from her mother and decides to back away for a little bit so her mother doesn't discover the samb.

it was a very dramatic goodbye post.

it was around summer 2015 at the time, and she managed not to check the forums every day. cs definitely saw that new update though and went "YES THERE ARE MORE THAN LIKE FOUR ANIMALS NOW"

after a while, she actually managed to stay off the internet, but was inevitably drawn back in around January 2016 after becoming obsessed with star wars (best decision of her life). cs becomes *social* again and makes some new friends that she will never forget.

(don't worry, i remember you aercabobcathappyiciclegemsophiedestiny and more)

ANYWAY it all goes great until she screws up and ruins a bunch of people's summers read: the csw/csc/CATSPIRIT WAR YOU GUESSED IT 2016 was the best summer of my lifeeeee

^^^^well that was trash, go read my ~totally well-written and not done at midnight article on the nickname wars~

half the samb was mad at dear cs for a month, that sucked, she had no real reason beyond being petty and untrusting(hA guess much hasn't changed for me, i probably need a therapist but OH WELL)

for most of 2017 cs- who also took the name alaska for a while- was on and off the samb, never staying for long because she had commitment issues :/

but in 2018 she's taking a new turn in her life!

~she doesn't treat the names catspirit and windy like trash anymore!

~she's become too obsessed with voltron to care about much else!

~she's too lazy to type correctly like she used to!

~she's actually making an attempt to be on the samb again!

~even though most people still around have no clue who she is, she'd still S O C I A L I Z I N G !

~oh, did i forget to mention she's e d g y now and even bought a choker from hot topic WOW!

~also she's pansexual. yes, you heard it here first, SHE LIKES PANS no but really i'm pansexual only took TWO YEARS of thinking "wait i'm not straight" to figure it OUT small potential crushes on your immediate friend group sucks. especially since they're probably ALL STRAIGHT

~i'm insane but that's okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ doesn't hurt anyone nO ONE KNOWS Y E A H


and that concludes the update to who cs is now!

my name is catspirit alaska akira-avery-stargazer-rainbow-skywalker(ha should i add in kogane? pffft not keith yall can have keith he's just my precious baby boy, no i want krolia)

and that is the end of my speech. (sorry inside joke that the rest of my family up and FORGOT)

Gang: Edit

this is catspirit's og gang in case she ever forgets her roots get it, og ha what a punny thing to say

  • Anakin Skywalker(Star Wars canon)
  • Hollyleaf(Warriors canon)
  • Kylo Ren(Star Wars canon)
  • Moonheart(Warriors OC)
  • Wind(Wings of Fire OC)
  • Darkstalker(Wings of Fire canon)
  • Frozen(Wings of Fire OC)
  • Tiny(Magic bird/kitten)
  • Jay(OC)
  • Legolas(Lord of the Rings canon)
  • Aragorn(Lord of the Rings canon)
  • Kirito(Sword Art Online canon)
  • Sinon(Sword Art Online canon)
  • Rey(Star Wars canon)
  • Kiwi(OC)
  • Ahsoka Tano(Star Wars: The Clone Wars canon)
  • Shane[The Devourer/King](Spirit Animals canon)
  • Callie(How to Train Your Dragon OC)
  • Lux Bonteri(Star Wars: The Clone Wars canon)
  • Fathom(Wings of Fire canon)

Ships: Edit

is alanakin/catakin dead? probably i want mama kogane now

keith's already my son anyways?

consider: KROLASKA

. . .

rip haylo who knows what happened to baby leon or whatever his name was kylo, face it, HAPPY LEFT YOU FOR PIDGE

Other Alaska-y things: Edit

wait okay so i've got a discord go check the discord page

my wattpad is frozenalaska (i poisoned it with the writing i used to do so just BE WARNED)

my ao3 is Alaskaa but if you want to remain an angel don't lOOK

what else do i have


if you need to contact me immediately and be confirmed a response within a day, my fancy email is because there are so many other frozenalaskas don't know why anyone would need that but YEAH THAT'S MY THROWAWAY EMAIL

that's it on other stuff though?? i think??